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Welcome to the Website Konsultasi Partners South Jakarta

We are service providers and WC waste suction with the aim of providing convenience for our users who require care services Suck WC.
We have more than 10 years Services Suck WC which address issues Septictank and drains were clogged, Suck sewage, Repair and Making new Septictank.

Our Performance System

We have a call system suction wc in shared areas in the city of South Jakarta and sekitarnya..meskipun many branches suction wc, but make no mistake in terms of services and prices remain the same according to the distance traveled and the location in accordance with the service that was done. We have a goal to provide convenience to consumers who are confused to find services WC suction cheap and affordable costs.


We will provide a list price of liposuction wc with cheap fares according to mileage and condition of that was done. Below List Prices Suck WC Us:
1. Suck WC BETWEEN Rp. 350-400 thousand.
2. Suck Waste BETWEEN Rp. 500-850 thousand.
3. Suck blocked drains BETWEEN Rp. 400-450 thousand.
4. Creation of new Septictank BETWEEN Rp. 4 million.
5. Repair Services Septictank BETWEEN Rp. 2.5 Million.
Note: Prices are subject to change at a distance because of the location in the travel, to more clearly can konktak us directly.

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Welcome To South Jakarta Konsultasi Partners
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